Waste Management Jobs: All You Need To Know

Waste management jobs are probably more varied than most people would think and are probably better paying than you might think. In the past, these jobs were synonymous with the terms; dustman, tip worker, or even refuse collective operation. If that is what you still think, then you are way out of touch. I would even bet that with the current paying these jobs have, you might want to consider taking a job in the waste management niche.

The old problem with waste management jobs in solid waste, that they were only suitable for young men because they were mostly menial is now a thing of the past due to the rapidly increasing amount of recycling as well as the use of other methods of diversion away from the landfills.

The workforce in waste management industry is expending very fast to be able to handle even more sophisticated methods which are now being used to recycle. When recycling is not possible, there’s also processing and treating the waste thrown out in order to give it value.

Even if there is no way to make the waste valuable, it can still be incinerated and in technical complex incineration, it will often demand skilled labor forces to operate and maintain these processes.

Waste management jobs being created in these new facilities often range from those that supervise the operations of the processing plant to the the engineers that handle and maintain the equipment and the administrators that handle the transactions in accepting the waste, processing it as well as being paid for the end products created.

Probably, the lowest training needed of all the waste management jobs that are being created in these new treatment plants are for the operatives who are needed to act as pickers on conveyors which transport the source separated but still mixed recycled materials that every person puts in their recycling bins.

Various kinds of paper are mixed when collection is done, plastic is also no exception and glass may be collected with tins. All these materials need to be sorted out . Sorting is done in a way that the ones with greater value are separated from those with lesser value and this is where pickers come in. The job is simple and repetitive but in essence there needs to be someone to lift out the materials of the conveyor as the recycled items move past the conveyor.

The best paying and most sought after jobs those of engineers and manager jobs, who are responsible for running operations in every Municipal Solid Waste, Commercial as well as Industrial waste treatment plants. This can be a Materials Recycling Facility, an Incinerator, or on of the new waste technology plants which include;

1. Bio-waste plants and anaerobic digestion plants.
2. Thermal and mechanical heat treatment plants.
3. Hazardous waste incinerators.
4. Construction waste and rubbish recycling depots.
5. Autoclave facilities and Medical waste incinerators.
6. Commercial recycling plants.

If you want to start a career in the waste management industry, then you not on the wrong path. In fact, this is a rapidly growing industry and you can expect new opportunities to provide you a promotion. The opportunities will come both in the new methods of operations as well as from the expansion of the industry as more and more waste is being diverted from landfills to be processed for further usage.

Waste management jobs are interesting and people tend to be very friendly and straightforward. But, the biggest recommendation for waste management jobs right now is due to the economic recession and that the industry is well insulated from the economic downturns. For more information about waste management career opportunities contact Only Skip Hire for positions in the Manchester area.

3 Tips For Better Recycling In The UK

Waste management hierarchy

With our changing environment we find that we have to better take care of how we live and be more mindful of the environment around us. Pollution is taking place on a wide scale and it is now up to us to save the environment or in this case make a turn around on how we operate.

The easiest way one can take charge of that, is by recycling. Recycling in the UK may seem hard at times but if you follow these simple steps you will be well on your way to going green.

Look At Your Output

When it comes to recycling in the UK the one basic thing you can start to do is be more vigilant with how you use water and electricity. Sometimes we do not really understand how our electricity bills can come back with out of this world numbers.
You will find that by simply unplugging electrical items, you can reduce your electrical bill by quiet a substantial amount. Also switch from using the dryer and washing machine to hand washing your clothes in cold water and hanging them out to dry.

Take advantage of the environment around you. While we are on the subject of water, you may want to cut bath time down. We do understand that a good shower comes in handy after a long day at the office but if your limit the amount of time you spend there you will find that your bills will look much more pocket friendly.

Walk It Out

Sometimes we use our vehicles way too much. When you are trying to cut back not only on costs but your pollution levels, leaving the car at home is a good way to do so.

Not only will you cut back on your gas emissions but you will be getting a work out in. so rather than drive to the park or grocery store, slip on your walking shoes and walk there. A little fresh air never hurt not to mention you won’t have to sit in traffic.

If youíre not for walking then you can get a bicycle that will have the same benefits. While we are on the subject of healthy living, you could also switch up your diet. Recycling in the UK goes beyond just plastics it’s also about what foods you ingest.

Try and add a bit more vegetables or meatless dishes to your week. You will save on money as well as get into a healthy lifestyle.


This is something that is easy to remember when you are recycling in the UK. Forget throwing items away, itís time to engage in some do it yourself projects that will turn something old to something new.

You can keep this in mind when you are shopping as well. Buy items that are reusable and will not be an added waste in your environment. There are plenty of items out from containers to chairs and they aren’t hard to find either.

You want the best and if you can find any value to the items you could donate to thrift shops. Many will take items that you are done with. As they say someone’s trash is someone elses treasure so don’t disregard something because you never know, someone else could put it to good use.

Recycling in the UK can be easy all you have to do is be committed to the process and with time it will all come to you with ease. It always starts with the first step, are you ready to make it happen?